Materials of painting

Monday, 22nd October 2018 until Wednesday, 24th October 2018

This fascinating three-day course led by Nina Royle is a must for any artist who would like to bring a richer understanding of the qualities of paint and the importance of the painting surface into their work.
On the course students will consider how their personal painting styles are affected by the qualities and characteristics of materials used and how they have been applied to the surface of the support they are working on. How also can meaning in their work be strengthened, by investing time into a deep and rich understanding of these aspects in painting?
On each day of the course a different painting material or surface to work on will be selected as a guide for enquiry. These will be introduced with a short talk given by Nina that will touch on how the materials in question are made, where they are sourced from and their use historically. The talks will be delivered in an informative yet creative way that will inspire a different way of thinking about materials.
On day one of the course students will learn how to make traditional gesso panels with rabbit skin glue and whiting. This is a painting ground that has a beautiful warm, absorbent texture, which can acquire an ivory-like finish when polished. The panels lend themselves to being painted on in a number of ways that will also be explored, alongside the idea of why a painting ground is integral to painting.
Day two will look at the concept of variety through a limited palette of black and white pigments mixed with aqueous binders. Ink as a material will also be looked at. Opposed to considering black and white as non-colours or as contrasts of light and dark, Nina will introduce them as colours in their own right, possessing a diversity of shades. The differences between various commonly available blacks and white paint colours will also be explored.
Day three will be a more general look at coloured pigments with a special focus on their history of use in oil paint. Students will make their own oil paint and explore a range of different binders and mediums that can be used to alter it’s properties. In doing this students will explore the benefits and drawbacks of making their own paint.
An unmissable opportunity to explore how you can engage more with the qualities of the paints and surfaces you use as an artist.
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Newlyn School of Art, The Old Board School, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 5AW

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