Cornish author Ruth Thomas

Cornwall-based author Ruth Thomas has just published two exciting new e-books, now available to purchase from her author websites (see below):


New fantasy fictionAlbion Imperilled is the compelling new fantasy fiction by Ruth Thomas concerning four children who stumble upon the threshold to a magical domain - Narnia revisited with a difference! The opening chapters are set in the present day and the “children” are all now fully-grown and middle-aged. As a “fairy-tale for grownups” the book may be read on two levels, either as an imaginative fantasy or as a satirical commentary on contemporary Britain with all its social and political tensions, and can be enjoyed equally by older children or adults. This is fantasy fiction at its best, being an old-fashioned adventure story with well-rounded characters and plenty of nail-biting suspense involving midnight flights in a winged chariot, abductions and espionage, secret tunnels, and ancient tree magic.

The novel can be enjoyed equally by adults or older children (12+): “My primary objective is to address a cynical modern audience and magick them into enchanted realms…"

The ebook is now available at together with further information, including a full synopsis, a fascinating conversation with the author and sample excerpts where the reader can “peek inside”.




Bronte fictionWe Wove A Web In Childhood is a fictional work concerning the Bronte family. Much of the existing literature tends to focus exclusively on the sisters, but in undertaking a dramatic reconstruction of their lives Ruth Thomas has succeeded in bringing each family member to life, including their brilliant and volatile brother Branwell, and their scholarly and compassionate father, the Reverend Patrick Bronte.

The individual lives of the Brontes are as full of interest and drama as any of the novels they produced, and the family continues to exert a fascination right across the spectrum from dedicated Bronte fans to more casual readers.

The novel has been written with an attention to detail and historical veracity, cleverly juxtaposing biographical material and real incidents with vividly imagined episodes, and should appeal to anyone with a love of literature and an interest in the peculiar and tortuous mental processes by which it is shaped.

The ebook is now available at on her new web site, which was created for her by the Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory's web designer, Jayne Herbert. Jayne also provided the cover image for the book

The site includes a full synopsis of the book, a fascinating interview with the Ruth Thomas and sample excerpts where the reader can “peek inside”.