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Since we launched 14 years ago the directory has gone from strength to strength. It has proved to be much more popular than we ever imagined and is top of the search engines for many related categories. Here are a few of the things people have said about us.




"Just wanted to say thank you for the Cornwall Arts and Crafts website. I only moved to Cornwall 2 years ago and didn't know my way around. Thanks to the site I have managed to meet new contacts, made friends and in the process sold a lot more jewellery than I would have done otherwise. It has been invaluable and I include it in all my correspondence regarding my work. Once again thank you. "
Cath Bull

"Amazing service from Jayne, thank you for being so organised and getting in touch straight away re our listing, will be recommending CACD to everyone, much appreciated, thanks again"
Sara (Zennor Arts & Crafts Fair)
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"Fantastic service from Jayne and CACD as usual and a brilliant resource, very grateful to have it, thank you "
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"I am grateful to be included in this website and thank you for the opportunity. Wishing you well in your invaluable enterprise."
Yvonne Fuller

"Such a great comprehensive platform run by a dedicated lady off her own back."
Tony Hogan

"Thank you for a great site very informative and it works."
Christine Bateson

"I cannot recommend CACD enough, for both businesses and creative individuals. Since we started listing our courses, we have received increased interest and bookings from people across the country. The site is ranked high on Google, easy to navigate and is a fantastic resource. Listing events on CACD is quick and simple, and Jayne always responds promptly. Thank you so much. "
Sian Hill
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"What a great site. Contacted Jayne today and following supply of relevant details listings were published without delay."
Cliff Selby - Cliffs Woodcrafts

"Since starting my small jewellery making business a few years ago, I was looking for local websites to add my business listing to and found the Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory. They have been really helpful in getting my listing on their website and the website itself is great for sourcing Craft shows etc. I've been contacted for a commission through my listing on the CACD and they rank high on Google's search for local jewellery so I think they are great. Andbecause they are based here in Cornwall it's even better."
Amanda Crago
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"A great site on which to promote your business, find like minded people and also to increase traffic to your own web site. Jayne is also very professional in her approach to maintaining the web site and responds promptly to enquiries."
Sue Earnshaw
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"Thank you 'Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory'. I've just got back from doing a very enjoyable workshop for an art group who found my details on your website."
Jackie Lowman
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"The CACD site has been an excellent resource for showcasing my art exhibitions and music album releases in the latest news listings. Also Jayne is incredibly helpful, often reaching out with promotional suggestions such as the new Amazon Store."
Joanne O'Dowd

"I often look for different arts /craft events in Cornwall, now I can find it all in on one web site. A friend told me about this web site and I must say it is very informative. It is refreshing to see such a comprehensive web site with a multitude of categories. Browsing around The Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory has been made so easy. Well Done "
Gary McCann

"As a local artist and teacher, Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory is invaluable for me. The online directory is an excellent resource, and since I have been listing my portraiture workshops on CACD, I have had interest and bookings from people countywide. I highly recommend using CACD as both a practitioner and a creative individual, you will find a wealth of like-minded people, and Jayne's professionalism and dedication to the site is second to none."
Tamsin Dearing
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"The CACD website definitely lists the best there is for crafts in Cornwall and I would say it is the most important link for our own website."
Martin Cavell
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"Jayne and the CACD web site has been incredibly helpful to us in establishing the Grampound Craft Fair. We have recruited many stall holders through the site and Jayne's personal involvement and approach has inspired and given us confidence."
Richard Pryor

"This is such a useful resource website for Cornish Crafters with invaluable information and such great support, thank you Jayne and CACD."
Amanda Herrick

"Such a useful local resource for Cornwall. Thank you! "
Michelle Coxall - Curious Creatures Photography

"CACD is an extremely useful and well organised website. I use it to source possible craft fairs to sell my wares...so many contacts all in one place. Thank you Jayne!"
Robert Preston

"Thank you Jayne for all your help and encouragement. It is great to have a web presence shared alongside many like-minded souls. I see that your efforts in developing the site are certainly paying off, and I heartily reccomend CACD. (Anybody who loves rescue greyhounds can't be all bad!!) Keep up the good work(s) Chris"
Chris Thorn
X-ray Art and Design Studios

"CACD is a wonderful directory for creative people in Cornwall, showcasing amazing talents in arts and crafts. Listing is also quick and simple so if you are looking for quality arts and crafts or wish to list a suitable event, CACD is the place to be!"
Claire Millward

"CACD is a fantastic site and a very informative go to list of contacts for Cornish crafters, news and events."

"A very useful and informative resource, with plenty of help from Jayne. It's a great way for people to find my business, and I have had several enquiries leading to magazine features. Thank you!"
Stephanie Wheeler
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"What a great site CACD is .... we've been listed with you since we started and your support has been fantastic! We have found it a great site for events, new contacts and friends.... Thank you "
Jasmine Saint
Cornish Balms and Crafts

"The CACD site is comprehensive and informative, an invaluable resource for local artists and crafts people living in Cornwall. The website designer Jayne Herbert is extremely helpful, always ready with design suggestions. As an author, I hope to see more writers being featured in the future. There are a large number of creative people living in Cornwall, and this is an excellent site in which to promote and advertise their work. "
Ruth Thomas
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"Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory is a great resource for artists and a very professional site - only wish I had come across it earlier!"
Joanna Hughes

"Once again, advertising our craft fayre at our big summer fundraiser on the CACD as filled all 100 pitches 2 months early and raised over £2000 for the charity. Thank you all so much for all that you do!"
Rose Wiltshire
Cornwall Hospice Care, Events Team

"Thanks for providing a great directory, so informative and Jayne manages to get high on the Google rating for advertising events so the events are more successful."
Tanya Kingsley
Coastal Valley Camping and Crafts

"When setting up my business last year I searched for directories and websites to partner with to try to help build traffic to my website. CACD has been by far the most successful in doing so, it is second only to Google and my own direct newsletters for driving people to my site. It is easy to navigate and updates can be made quickly and simply. Thank you CACD."
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